Top Tips for 2021

Positive daily actions to take into 2021, based on our Five Ways to Happiness at Work framework.

Top tips for 2021

Connect – make the time (again)

Just because we’ve been here before doesn’t make it any easier. Lockdowns and other restrictions are hard. They're a rollercoaster of emotions. Sometimes we feel up; sometimes we feel down – and sometimes we just manage to get through the day. Remember to keep checking in with one another.

Be Fair – don’t forget about remote colleagues

Don’t let out of sight mean out of mind. Pandemic pressures fall unevenly between us. It’s all too easy to prioritize people we see more, and this can translate into unintentional inequalities. Find ways to include everybody.

Empower – imagine together

Vaccines and a new year open up new possibilities and opportunities. Why not get your whole team to think about your priorities for a post-pandemic world? It will not only help focus key projects; it will bring you together around a shared, common goal.

Challenge – build learning in weekly flow

Learning isn’t something that people do in their free time. You need to build learning into your working week. What did you learn last week? What did you notice that you need to learn? Keep challenging yourself – it's fun!

Inspire – take a lead

The world is changing. Many people are looking to organizations to be part of the positive changes that we see unfolding – whether it be more action on climate change, gender or racial equality. Be ahead of the curve, set an example and take a lead in whatever small way you can.