Top tips to stay sane in a crisis

Here are our recommended tips to help teams stay sane and even thrive during a crisis.

stay sane in a crisis

Connect – meet up in person

While video calls have been a good alternative recently, we communicate much better face to face — even when we’re maintaining a safe distance. Try and meet some of your colleagues soon – you’ll enjoy it!

Be Fair – be flexible (within limits)

People’s experiences through a crisis will vary. When the worst has passed, it’s still unlikely that one size will fit all. As much as possible, be flexible while keeping on an eye firmly on what’s best for you and your colleagues.

Empower – move forward together

There are a lot of decisions to be made about how teams work together over the coming months. Allow others to share their ideas and make decisions together. When we decide together, we move forward together.

Challenge – make space for learning

We often learn by observing our more experienced colleagues. More home working limits these opportunities. Make space for this informal way of learning, whether you are the teacher or learner.

Inspire – identify the important stuff

In challenging times, it’s surprisingly easy to get distracted by less important issues. Discuss how everyone’s efforts contribute to the team’s primary targets. It will not only help keep you all focused, but it will also be rewarding.