Top tips on bouncing back from the blues

If you find your team is having a blue period, to help everyone bounce back, here are our top tips for beating the blues at work:

Blue Monday

1. Accept where you are

It’s ok to have a bad week or month at work. In fact, it’s human. Bad weeks are not always something to “fix” – often, at times, they are experiences to accept without judgement.

2. Practice self-care

Depending on the cause of your blues, it’s unlikely the team’s happiness is going to bounce back overnight. Be kind to yourselves during this period to reduce stress. Keep a check on working hours, increase the number of short breaks and use relaxation techniques. See more

3. Support one another

Discuss how you each express low mood, anxiety or stress and respond to each other’s cues – offer to take on a work task, send a thoughtful email, gift each other small care packages. The warm glow we get from giving and receiving random acts of kindness builds solidarity and strength. See more

4. Reframe your focus

When stuck in a negative rut, reframe your focus. Instead of asking what could go better, ask where you’d like to be. What would a good week or a successful project look like? Aspiring to reach an intention or a goal is mood elevating, more so than dissecting the cause of problems. See more

5. Remember the power of positivity

It’s never easy to see lightness in the dark. So, gift yourselves moments of joy – a joke, a piece of cake, a walking meeting, a tea break – to build the resilience and relationships you need to move forward with your wellbeing intact. See more