Top tips to lessen emotional and cognitive drain

Our Five Ways to Happiness at Work framework can help identify positive daily actions to lessen how emotionally and cognitively drained we may feel. Here are this week's tips to help teams stay sane and thrive.

emotionally drained

Connect – be available (sometimes)

Being open to connecting with others while also protecting time for ourselves is always a challenge. Be specific about when you’re available (and when you aren’t) so colleagues know how and when to reach to you.

Be Fair – find your balance

Work-life balance is under pressure. What constitutes “home life” when so many of us now work from home? Create a ritual you can use to transition between work and play with more purpose – stretch your legs, laugh with the kids or listen to a favourite song.

Empower – encourage more autonomy

New ways of working, especially remote working, can help us to feel empowered and more positive about work. If you are transitioning back to the office consider how the freedom to choose is a central component of successful empowerment initiatives.

Challenge – single task

Multi-tasking is a myth. It has been shown repeatedly to be less productive than focusing on one task at a time. And, with single-tasking you also get the satisfaction that comes from a “job well done”.

Inspire – be mindful of the planet

The pandemic has disrupted all of our lives. There have been many challenges but also some unexpected benefits. With less travel, carbon footprints have fallen and we are now presented with an opportunity not to return to pre-COVID levels.