Top tips for beating the blues

Read our tips on beating the workday blues.

beat monday blues

1. Say thanks

So simple we often forget, but research says that showing appreciation improves mental health and resilience. Who’s helped you at work? Say thanks and spread the joy!

2. Further the cause

Seek inspiration in your organization’s mission. How does your team contribute to it? Write a new mission focused goal for your team to focus on.

3. Lunch with a friend

If you ever needed an excuse to have lunch with a colleague, Blue Monday is it. Research shows shared moments of warmth and laughter build wellbeing and resilience.

4. Do something you love

Seize an opportunity this week to do tasks that put you ‘in the zone’. Total absorption in work – “flow” – is a joyful state which builds intellectual, social and psychological resources.

5. Set a new goal

Negative emotions have their uses. They can reveal what’s important to us and challenge us to mix things up and strive for better. Think of one thing you’d like to do differently and share it with your manager.

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