Top tips on applying positive emotions in the workplace

Here are our top tips on creating a happier environment for you and your team:

positive emotions in the workplace

1. Initiate conversations

Start conversations with team members. You don’t always have to talk about work. Having casual conversations can put people at ease and build trust. Even starting with a simple “Hi, how are you?” can help set the tone.

2. Give second chances

Sometimes our first impressions of people are wrong – it could be they were nervous or having a bad day. Odds are, you’ve made a bad first impression yourself too. Making that extra effort will often be rewarding in relationship building.

3. Honour others with feedback

We need feedback from our colleagues to learn and grow at work. Caring about people means that sometimes you need to offer feedback even when it makes you nervous. Be straight and kind with them, ensuring you are as specific and accurate as possible.

4. Be genuine

Being honest with your feelings helps build authentic relationships. Brushing people aside with comments like “I’m fine” doesn’t work — they will know you’re hiding something. There is a time and place for sharing your opinion and being closed off undermines trust.

5. Invite people out for coffee

Asking colleagues to join you for a coffee or lunch is a great way to get to know them better. People tend to open up in non-work environments. Even if they can’t join you, they will still appreciate the invitation.

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