Top tips for recovering from burnout

The WHO (World Health Organization) classify burnout as a syndrome entirely due to chronic workplace stress which can result in exhaustion, cynicism and reduced professional efficacy.

recovering from burnout

Here are our tips to recovering from burnout.

1. Get some shut eye

With burnout comes sleep deprivation. And we can’t recover without rest. Work out how many hours of sleep you need to function well and make it your mission to get them. See More

2. Get moving

If you sit at a desk all day, make sure you get up and move around. Exercise is even more stress-busting when it takes place outside. So, get up for short breaks. See More

3. Say no (nicely)

You can’t pour from an empty cup, as the saying goes. Learn how to say no and be brave enough to do it. You’ll be surprised how often people respect you for knowing your limits. See More

4. Connect with others

Spending your lunch break chatting with your colleagues will make you feel positive and reduce feelings of emotional exhaustion in the afternoon, so favor socializing over your smart phone. See More

5. Spend time in nature

Seeing trees and the sky, hearing birdsong, connecting with nature is restorative… short visits to parks in cities or woodlands relieve stress and increase our energy. See More

6. Take a proper break

At least once a year, make sure you take a proper break from work. Don't take work away with you and let your colleagues know you'll be out of reach. Encourage others to do the same too.

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