Top tips for maintaining stamina through a long crisis

Through the pandemic, our Five Ways to Happiness at Work framework identifies positive daily actions to help lessen how emotionally and cognitively drained we may continue to feel.

Maintain stamina

Connect – turn off the camera

As the old British Telecom advert used to say, it’s good talk. But, it isn’t always good to sit and stare at screen while you do. Why not turn off your camera and just talk. It’s amazing how much you’ll hear the tone of each other’s voices more clearly.

Be Fair – one size doesn’t fit all

Fairness isn’t about everything being the same for everyone. The pressures of lockdown vary widely for people. Understanding people’s individual needs will help everyone to work better together.

Empower – be open to the new

When things are tough, we can revert to old ways of doing things. It feels safe and comfortable, even when a total time drain. Pause and encourage each other to try new things and reimagine how you work. With this mindset you’ll uncover new solutions for the team.

Challenge – be specific in your feedback

We all learn through feedback, but it can be hard to do well. We advocate a strengths-based approach. It takes a flexible mindset to notice and grow the individuals that you all are, but through focusing on what’s going well you encourage more of that. In time, the other things fade away.

Inspire – share the vision

Life can feel constrained at the moment. Yet, it’s a great time to lift our heads up and remind ourselves of what we are trying to achieve, and how it fits with the bigger vision of the team and the whole organization. Everyone will move with more energy and purpose.