Top tips for boosting your mental health

Our Five Ways to Happiness at Work framework identifies positive daily actions to help you boost your mental health.

boosting your mental health

Connect – ask for support

Everything can feel worse when we feel alone. Finding colleagues or friends to talk about challenges is helpful, especially if they are a good listener, Reach out and ask for support, or simply go for a walk with someone. It will help.

Be Fair – be kind to yourself

We don’t make our workplaces, or indeed the world, a better place by being hard on ourselves. Treating other people well starts with being kind to ourselves, especially during these difficult times.

Empower – split up big projects

Sometimes, we can feel so overwhelmed by the size of a project we find it difficult to even start them. Break it up into smaller tasks and give yourself credit when you’ve completed each stage. It will feel much more achievable and satisfying.

Challenge – embrace change

When everything is easy there is no reason to change or learn anything. Challenges create space to grow, even if it feels uncomfortable. Don’t shy away from challenges.

Inspire – three good things

Every day, jot down three good things that you're thankful for. This small daily ritual will help you notice the good things in your life which will make you feel more positive, and will give you energy to tackle new challenges.