Top Tips for finding opportunities for positive change

Find opportunities for positive change using daily actions based on our Five Ways to Happiness at Work framework.

opportunities for positive change

Connect – keep talking

With remote working set to continue, find ways to navigate your increasing sense of isolation. Employee Resource Groups are being supported by companies like Google, Uber and Salesforce to connect people with similar interests and life experiences. Set one up!

Be Fair – write your self-care mantra

Things are hard because they are hard; the current pandemic does not grant you licence to be hard on yourself! Write 3-4 things on a piece of paper which bring both comfort and confidence when you feel overwhelmed. Pin them somewhere you can see them.

Empower – set your colleagues free

The freedom we’ve gained to re-design how we work is something to be celebrated, not feared. Friday Pulse has become a four-day week company with everyone managing their own transition to make this possible. Resist the urge to project and prescribe; listen to each other instead and treat it as an opportunity.

Challenge – learn your own limit

The next time you feel overwhelmed, don’t dismiss yourself or the situation. Your feelings are important data. Make it your mission to understand why you’ve reached your limit and what you need to put in place to get back to your comfortable edge.

Inspire – spend virtual time with those who inspire you

There are many virtual events, conferences and fun times happening online now – and for free! Whether it’s TED talks or Karaoke with Robbie Williams, don’t forget to give you and your team a lift with something that moves you – emotionally or intellectually.

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