Top tips for building resilience when facing loss

Throughout the pandemic, we have all been dealing with loss – and the sadness, pain, frustration and anger our losses create in ourselves and others. Our Five Ways to Happiness at Work framework can help identify positive daily actions to build our resilience and improve how we cope.

Connect – accompany each other

In hard times, when things can’t be fixed, remember the power of accompaniment. Those that rebound recruit others into battle. Signal to friends and colleagues you are ready to talk, even when you aren’t clear what your specific need or ask is.

Be Fair – widen your circle of care

Appreciate how loyalty can cause us to behave differently. We feel more justified in acting out when we do so in response to someone else’s plight and pain. Broaden the care and empathy you demonstrate to others to include those less close to you.

Empower – light the fire in your belly

Continue to be a faithful companion to yourself. Write a list of the activities that energize and restore you, and those that drain you. Commit to giving two hours to things you enjoy – in and out of work – next week. Notice whether it makes any difference.

Challenge – be future-oriented

When emotions are charged our instinct for survival triggers fast thinking and fast action. Yet, considered actions often serve us better, especially in the long-term. Challenge yourself to take a step back and create space in your day to breathe and think.

Inspire – identify what you’ll hold onto

We can experience losses twice as much as we experience gains. It’s an evolutionary quirk of our psychology. Nature also teaches us what follows loss is renewal. Can you identify any opportunities which sit alongside your challenges? Keep the things that are worthwhile.