Top tips for small things to try over the holiday period

We've all learned a lot in 2020 about our limits and the importance of self-care. Our Five Ways to Happiness at Work framework can help identify positive daily actions to lessen how emotionally and cognitively drained we feel. Small changes can have big effects. Here are some things to try out over the holiday period.


Connect – Make conversations your superpower

Enriching conversations with a good friend can carry us for months! But, our conversational openers often invite the stock response “I’m okay / I’m fine”. Swap out “How are you?” with "What feels good and what doesn’t?” and notice the response you receive.

Be Fair – Give rest the respect it deserves

It’s our job as leaders to grant cultural permission to rest and restore. The social ambiguity of 2020 has left people exhausted. The festive season – with no emails, no Zooms, no things-to-do list – grants us an opportunity to retreat and return stronger.

Empower – Start the day with a 60 second check-in

Create a new ritual this holiday season. Wake up each morning and give yourself 60 seconds, before you rise from your bed. Ask how you’re feeling and set a little intention for the day. Notice how this moment with yourself can change the course of your day.

Challenge – Take your networking virtual

A lot of us have missed out on the opportunity to connect with like-minded individuals in our industry during COVID. Sign your organization up to a tool like Orbiit. It matches people with similar experience and interests - and just like an events company, it takes care of logistics.

Inspire – Send a voice note

Remote working has disrupted how we relate to leaders. We feel we’re on solid ground when we can feel the presence of those who set company strategy and steer us through tumultuous times. Send people a voice note, rather than an email, thanking them for all their work this year.

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