Plan your organization's first weeks on Friday Pulse

Feeling a bit daunted about starting to use Friday Pulse in your organization? Maybe you’ve never done something like this before (we’re pretty unique so that’s to be expected!) or perhaps you'd just like to have a clear plan of what’s happening when. Here’s a process to follow for the first few weeks, and beyond!

first weeks on Friday

Your launch week!

What Friday Pulse will do

Measure happiness and culture! The first measure is all about establishing a baseline – how are you all experiencing your working lives.

Your questions will open on Thursday or Friday and close on Monday or Tuesday, based on the options chosen during your account set-up.

  • On opening (Thursday / Friday), Friday Pulse will send all users an email (and Slack message, if you have the Slack integration turned on), welcoming them to Friday Pulse, including the Onboarding message from someone at your organization.
  • The welcome messages including a link unique to each user to allow them to access their account in Friday Pulse and respond safely and securely to the questions.
  • While responding to the questions, everyone will also be introduced to the Friday Pulse platform, and the Five Ways to Happiness at Work framework which shapes it.
  • Friday Pulse will send auto-reminder emails to users who have not yet responded to the questions to improve your response rates and help make sure results are representative of how everyone is feeling.
  • On closing (Monday / Tuesday), Friday Pulse will send an email to all users, letting them know their results are ready to view. Everyone will be able to see their own personal results, and the results of their team and the whole organization. See more on what different user types can see in Friday here

What you can do

After your questions have closed, people often want to be reminded of what happens next, so in an all-hands or company-wide message, you could:

  • Share a very quick overview of what you’ve noticed (celebrating your good scores, recognizing any lower scores)
  • Encourage all teams to make time to discuss their weekly results together after questions have closed. 10-15 minutes is all that’s needed. Teams can use their personalized team results Presentation (accessed via the Dashboard) to help guide their conversations.
  • Ask teams to discuss their own team Culture Profile scores in the next few weeks. Suggest teams look at their team Impact report to decide together what one topic they want to focus on this quarter together. And let teams know there's lots of ideas in the Friday Pulse Help Center on how to improve each of the scores.

You could also:

  • Check in with a handful of managers and collect feedback from their experiences using Friday Pulse. Share anything you learn in all-company communications and respond to any manager needs.

- Share anything that resonates from your call with your Client Success Coach (Expert only), mapping out the next steps you’ll all be taking to look after your culture, happiness and wellbeing together.

Week 2 (and beyond!)

What Friday Pulse will do

  • Send all of your active users the happiness question in their personalized invite email and/or Slack message on Thursday/Friday each week.
  • Send auto-reminders to anyone who has not yet responded to the questions.
  • Send everyone a “Results are ready” notification once your questions close on the following Monday/Tuesday.

What you can do

  • Encourage teams to continue to discuss their weekly results together using the team Presentation in Friday Pulse.
  • Remind teams not to forget about their Culture Profile results
  • Build traction at the senior level – encourage senior leaders to talk about their own wellbeing, share insights from the data and facilitate conversations about the system-wide improvements that could be implemented.

- Keep communicating company-wide about what you’re learning and what you’re trying out. This way, you’re modelling an approach to learning which cultivates greater wellbeing and reinforces the importance of everyone participating each week.

Week 13

What friday Pulse will do

Thirteen weeks after you launch and every quarter following that, Friday Pulse will include the 15 Culture Profile questions in with your weekly Happiness questions.

What you can do

Before your questions open

  • Let everyone know the Culture Profile measure is coming up - it might take them a couple more minutes to complete the questions than normal
  • Share what has been worked on since the last measure to reinforce how important this initative is to everyone in your organization

When your questions are open

Take a look at your Participation report and use the selector at the top to view your Quarterly response rates. Take a look at your low response rate teams and give them a little extra encouragement to respond

When your questions close

  • Share what you noticed in the scores in a short all company email or during an all-hands meeting
  • Ask teams what they are going to focus on this quarter. Each team can access their own updated Impact report which identifies which area of their culture to focus on. Can they move the needle on one of their scores before the next measure?
  • Work with colleauges such as Senior leaders and focus groups to choose one area of the organization's Impact report that everyone will work together to improve too