Introducing Friday Pulse to other Employees

To launch Friday Pulse well, you’ll need to let everyone from your organization know key dates, including your launch date and when questions will close, and reassure them that their personal scores cannot be seen by anyone - including managers, HR & leaders. Make sure you also share the benefits for individuals of using Friday Pulse.

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Employee benefits of Friday Pulse

  • Unlike traditional surveys, every employee will see results for their team and for the organization
  • Scores are anonymous so they can feel safe to answer honestly
  • Employees and teams play an important part in the process of looking after happiness at work

Calls to action for employees

  • Participate! And encourage others to do so too
  • Answer honestly, because your scores will remain private
  • Be ready to discuss your team’s scores and act on any improvements needed

Common questions to answer in your communications to employees

  • What’s the benefit to me / the team?
  • How does it work?
  • Who will know my scores?
  • What things can people share?
  • Why can we see team results?
  • What is happening when?
  • What will happen with results?

Example email to Employees

From: Kelly Kapoor
Subject: Looking after team morale at Dunder Mifflin
Date: 20 September 2019 at 10:56:20 BST
To: Dunder Mifflin - ALL

Hi everyone,

We’re going to start working with Friday Pulse to look after happiness at Dunder Mifflin!

Why? Because happiness at work is a goal we can all get behind and it’s an important ingredient of great careers, high performing teams and organizational performance.

Friday Pulse will help us to measure happiness weekly and the key drivers of happiness every quarter, capturing how everyone’s feeling, what is working well within teams and the organization, and what can be improved. It’s quick to complete and makes the process of looking after our culture and happiness easy.

What does this mean for you? Unlike a lot of employee survey-style experiences, Friday Pulse is designed with a team focus:

  • Happiness (measured weekly) allows you to reflect on how work is going. As your team Happiness score goes up and down from one week to the next, you will learn what drives happiness in your team.
  • The Culture Profile (measured quarterly) shows you the strengths of your team culture, as well as the areas for improvement where targeted actions can be taken.
  • Find out more about how Friday Pulse helps give you a voice

Anonymity and transparency

  • You’ll be able to see your own individual results and, as long as more than three people have responded, average results for your team and Dunder Mifflin as a whole- Find out more here
  • Privacy for all individuals’ scores is crucial because we want you to feel safe to give honest answers
  • Publicly shared Notes (Celebrations, Thank-yous, Frustrations and Ideas) will help you share compassionate and constructive feedback as you reflect on your week
  • Transparency of team and organization level results helps share responsibility of happiness at work within the team and among all of us at Dunder Mifflin

What will happen next?

  • Friday 4 October is our launch day! At 12pm you’ll get a welcome email from Friday Pulse – please click on your unique link to participate. Everyone will be asked about their weekly happiness as well as have the first opportunity to answer our quarterly Culture Profile questions. Questions close Monday 7 October at 2pm
  • Each Friday at 12pm to Monday at 2pm you’ll have the opportunity to answer three quick questions on your weekly happiness and experience at work
  • Your team manager will set up a time to discuss your results each week, guided by Friday Pulse’s results presentation
  • HR and senior leaders will explore and discuss the company’s Culture Profile results and weekly happiness trends at least once a quarter. We will provide regular feedback to you about the things we notice and the decisions we take

Want to know more? Friday Pulse has a lot of information on happiness at work in their Help Center.

If you have any further questions, please get in contact with me at

Thanks – and please champion participation in Friday Pulse with your colleagues!

Kelly KELLY KAPOOR HR Director | Dunder Mifflin