Introducing Friday Pulse to your Senior Leaders

To get Friday Pulse off to a great start, you’ll want to share the benefits of using Friday Pulse - for the organization and for individuals – with your organization’s Senior Leaders. It’s useful to also let them know key dates – such as when communications will be sent and your launch date - plus the reports they will have access to, showing the Happiness & Culture Profile results.

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Senior leader benefits of Friday Pulse

  • Read the emotional climate of the workforce
  • Accurately predict performance & anticipate risk
  • Share responsibility for looking after workplace culture with everyone
  • Build from what’s working
  • See where strategic action will have greatest impact
  • Learn from subject experts to interpret your data & share practical experience & actions

Calls to action for Senior leaders

  • Champion the use of Friday Pulse and encourage participation
  • Share what good looks like –response rates over 70%!
  • Be ready to explain the link to wider organizational goals
  • Model good participation – use Friday Pulse to thank colleagues, celebrate successes, share ideas & frustrations

Common questions to answer in your communications to Senior leaders

  • Is it a “hard” enough metric?
  • Sounds intensive, will it be a lot of work?
  • Can we trust the results?
  • Who’s responsible for happiness at work?
  • How will Friday Pulse help us?
  • How can I use Friday Pulse?
  • What is happening when?

Example email to Senior Leaders

From: Kelly Kapoor
Subject: Looking after team morale and performance at Dunder Mifflin
Date: 16 September 2019 at 12:03:56 BST
To: Leadership Group members

Hi all!

We’re going to start working with Friday Pulse to measure and sustain happiness at Dunder Mifflin.

For the first time we will have a number to report on which captures the health of our culture – and which reliably predicts 28% rise in team productivity, a 4x improvement in retention and a 3x increase in creativity.

Friday Pulse measures happiness weekly and the key drivers of happiness quarterly. The platform supports teams to look after happiness at work, without taking up a lot of business time.

Individual scores are kept anonymous, while how their team is doing and how the organization as a whole is faring is presented back to everyone. This means everyone is safe to answer honestly while setting a clear expectation that happiness is something teams can influence.

What does this mean for you? You have an important role to play – both in terms of championing Friday Pulse participation, and in reviewing and acting on patterns and issues surfacing in the data.

  • The Happiness KPI (measured weekly) gives you a heads up on morale each week – helping you feel closer to people and their experiences.
  • The Culture Profile (measured quarterly) shows the strengths of our organizational culture and uses statistical analysis to suggest where to focus time and budget to see improvements.
  • You’ll also be able to publicly thank people through Friday Pulse, which is a quick and easy way to raise levels of positivity in the organization, and model good use of the platform.

What will happen next?

  • Wednesday 18 September: we will email Managers about using Friday Pulse
  • Friday 20 September: our employee-wide email about Friday Pulse will go out, plus a reminder on Thursday 3 October
  • Friday 4 October at 12pm: Friday Pulse launches! Questions close Monday 7 October at 2pm.

The launch measure will give us our first Happiness KPI and a baseline Culture Profile for the organization (a PDF of our Culture Profile results will be available). A small group will discuss these results with a Friday Pulse Coach. Then we all Senior leaders will meet on Thursday 17 October.

The opportunity to answer questions on our weekly happiness and experience at work will continue each week, opening on Fridays at 12pm and closing on Mondays at 2pm. Friday Pulse supports teams with a focused results presentation of their weekly experience at work, which has been designed to guide quick team discussions, build from what’s working, and come up with actions each week.

If you have any further questions, please let me know.

Thanks – and please champion participation in Friday Pulse with your direct reports!

Kelly KELLY KAPOOR HR Director | Dunder Mifflin