Getting started with Friday

To get set up for success with Friday choose your settings carefully and take time to communicate with employees about using the platform.

Set-up generally takes two to four weeks, depending on the size of your organization and the complexity of choices you make based on the options available.


Set-up call

You’ll be offered a Set-up call with one of our team to talk you through the options and best choices for you and your organization.

Communication is key

On the call you can also discuss your plans for communicating to users about using Friday to users and teams setting up time to discuss results.

Set-up checklist

To help you make sure you have everything you need in place, we’ve put together a Set-up checklist which you will be able to work through to get your account set up for success.

You can check, change and set your: - Account name - Account logo - Weekly schedule - Benchmarks - Time zones - Onboarding email organizational message

You can also upload your User list in the People area of Friday.

Once you have marked all the tasks as complete, you will be able to submit your account for review. Please leave at least one working day between submitting your acocunt for review and your planned launch date and time.

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