Building your Friday Pulse user list

When configuring your user list, there are two things to keep in mind – who people will be discussing their results with each week, and what groups you need to be able to see results for.

We recommend starting with the first and then building your list from there.

Who will users discuss their results with?

Sometimes the answer to this is as simple as “their team”, but more and more we are seeing organizations who are set up differently from the traditional hierarchical organization. From matrix organizational structures and Holocracy to agile working, often the people we work closest with day to day are no longer the people in our official “team”.

By working out first who your users will discuss their weekly results with, you can establish what their Team should be in Friday Pulse.

We recommend teams that discuss results together are made up of five to 12 people. Anything larger and the team won't be able to have a meaningful conversation where everyone's voice can be heard, anything smaller and the team will need a consistently high response rate for results to show.

Establishing the group users will discuss their results in will give you the four basic fields needed in Friday Pulse – Email, First name, Last name and Team.

What results do you need?

Next consider what you and your senior leaders need to be able track. What groups do you need to be able to differentiate from each other in your results? In Friday Pulse you can add a hierarchy to your team structure (if the structure is consistent), and user Location, Gender, Date of birth and Employment start date (dynamically converted to age and tenure ranges respectively), as well as custom Tags and Attributes. Read more about filtering your results in Friday

If your users will be discussing their results in a group different to their team or department in your organizational structure, you can use Tags and Groups to allow Admins and Analysts to see results for your internal structures. You can discuss how to set these up to work best for you with your account contact at Friday Pulse.

Consider your different user needs and roles

You should also consider who needs to additional functionality. For instance:

  • A user who needs to be able to see bespoke high level insights from the results should have the user type Senior leader
  • A user who needs to be able to see results for all teams and groups should have the user type Analyst
  • A user who needs to be able to alter, add or remove other users should have the user type Admin
  • A user who leads a team should be assigned as Manager of that team
  • A user who needs to be able to see the results of another team or group should be assigned Access to that team or group

Learn more about the different user types in Friday

Learn more about the Access to function

Import your first user list

We recommend importing your user list to start with. Then you can manually make changes or change your user list via another import as and when individual changes are required.

Learn more about importing your users

Read about how to troubleshoot common errors