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Reporting features in Friday

Find out more about the Reports available in Friday

User types in Friday Pulse

Discover the difference between Admins, Analysts, Senior leaders and Participants.

Changing the Account Owner

Find out how to change your Friday Pulse Account owner

How the scoring works

Find out what the colours mean in your responses and results, as well as how your results are calculated.

Adding a new user

Learn how to add a small number of new users to your user list.

Connecting Friday to Slack

Learn how to turn your Friday Slack integration on.

Response scales

Why we use a 5-point scale and the science behind these scales.

Updating an existing user’s details

Find out how to update one of your user's details on Friday.

Understanding your Participation report

Find out how your response rates are calculated

Adding more detail to your user list by import

Learn how to update multiple users with more detail by importing your user list.

Setting Timezones in your Friday account

Set timezones so your users get their Friday invitation email at the right time for them.

Using your response rate data

How to make best use of response rate data

Changing your benchmark selections

Benchmarks are available for eight locations, 14 sectors and a range of organizational sizes.

Resetting a users responses

Admins can reset a users most recent responses quickly and easily within Friday

Filtering your results in Friday Pulse

Set up your user list to explore your results and dig in to the data.

Setting user permissions

Learn how to set user's access permissions in Friday.

Seeing your results by age and tenure

How to see how your colleagues are feeling by age and length of employment.

Giving users access to a groups results

Use our "Access to" feature to give users access to results for a Team they are not in, or results for another group of users in your account.

Identifying which of your scores have improved

Explore how your culture is changing with the Improvement tab on your Reports Overview page

When a change in score is a significant change

Explore how your culture is changing with the Improvement tab on your Reports Overview page

Your Impact Report

Pinpoint where to take action to improve happiness in your team and organization

Custom Attributes groups in Friday

See scores of groups of users by the characteristics most relevant to your organization.

Tag groups in Friday Pulse

Use Tags to see results by certain characteristics that some but not all of your users have.

About our benchmark variables

We offer three options for benchmarking your organization’s happiness and key drivers of happiness: Country, Sector and Company size.

How is your benchmark calculated

The Benchmarks in Friday have been calculated from our large research data set.

Adding and editing Locations

Use locations to track feeling in these areas and make sure users are sent emails at the right time.

Common user list issues

The most common user list problems we come across and how to quickly sort them...

Why don't percentages always add up to 100%?

Results are rounded to the nearest whole number and so, if you add up the percentage scores, sometimes this will mean that will not quite add up to 100%.

Pausing you Friday questions

Find out how to stop and restart your questions in Friday Pulse.

Rolling out Friday Pulse to new teams

Here’s how to use our rollout feature when introducing large groups of new users to Friday Pulse.

Your Resilience Report

Friday’s Resilience report helps Admins, Senior leaders and Analysts to monitor how teams are coping and lend extra support when needed.

Email delivery issues

Here are the steps to take if you see a notification in your Friday Pulse account that we couldn't deliver emails to some of your users.

Changing when your questions open and close

Make sure you have set your open and close times to work best for your and your colleagues.