Introducing Friday Pulse to your organization

Before you get going with Friday Pulse, it's a great idea to use internal communications to set the scene, so everyone knows what's coming up and why you've signed up to use it.

Communicating the what, why, and how of using Friday Pulse is a really good way to make sure your participation rates are high from the very beginning, as well as helping to ease any anxieties people might have about using Friday Pulse.

The most successful communication plans build over time so that people hear the same message again and again, and again and again!

Plan for there to be enough time before the first email is sent out from Friday Pulse to let everyone know about it and why you are using it. Depending on the size of your organization, this could be anything from a few days to a month before launch.

Download our Communications Pack

We've put together a Comms Pack to help guide your communications about launching and using Friday Pulse at your organization.

Download the Friday Pulse Comms Pack.

In it, you'll find lots of help and advice on communicating about using Friday Pulse.

Sharing the benefits

We suggest you consider the different audiences within your organization and share the benefits of using Friday Pulse with them.

Generally there are three key audiences to think about: - Senior Leaders, - People Managers, and - Employees

Using Friday Pulse can help your organization in many ways - here are just a few of the benefits for each audience:

Friday Pulse will help Senior Leaders read the emotional climate of the workforce and allow them to more accurately predict performance and anticipate risk, as well as share the responsibility for looking after workplace culture with everyone, without taking up a lot of business time.

People Managers will be able to identify the strengths of the team’s own individual culture, get fresh insights into how the team is feeling every week, and be able to hold quick, regular and meaningful team conversations using the weekly customized results presentation.

Scores are anonymous so Employees can feel safe to answer honestly in Friday Pulse. However, unlike traditional surveys, Friday Pulse enables every employee to see results for their team and for the organization. This helps employees learn what influences their happiness at work and play an important part of the process of looking after wellbeing.

Communicating strategically

You'll want to plan how you communicate to each audience - often letting the leaders know first, then managers, and then employees works best. This helps to ensure the more senior people feel equiped to answer questions about the initiative.

Choosing your Face of Friday

Having a senior leader, trusted HR member, or direct line manager who can help warm people to Friday Pulse will aid response rates. You could suggest they have a look round our site, or share how the platform works, so they can really champion it internally.

The first email users receive from Friday Pulse will include a message from your Face of Friday - you can set this message and who it comes from in your Account Settings. Read more about personalizing the Friday onboarding email here.

Make sure you also upload their picture in the People area of your account!

Using the Help Center

Finally, guide people to the Friday Help Center where they will find a wealth of information on the science of happiness at work, getting the most out of Friday Pulse and results conversations as well as tips and tricks to look after and improve team and organizational scores.