Personalize the Friday Pulse invitation email

You can add a custom message to the onboarding email - the first email users receive from Friday Pulse, when you launch - to encourage them to participate.

The customizable invitation email looks like this, with the editable message in the center:

Onboarding email

You can personlize the message in your Account settings - Onboarding. We recommend you focus on why happiness is important for your team.

Set who this message will come from using the "Face of Friday" drop down. This drop down shows all of your active users so it's a good idea to ensure your user list in the People area of your account is up to date.

Here is the text you can customize (maximum 750 characters):

Our wellbeing is an important indicator of organizational health. We all know we do our best work when we’re feeling good. And when team morale is up we are more focused, creative and resilient.

Friday Pulse is designed to help every team be proactive about their happiness and work culture. We let Friday Pulse know how we feel and the platform gives us all rich data back, informed by the science of wellbeing.

This first week we’ll learn how Friday Pulse is configured so we can answer honestly. Then, with a few quick questions, Friday Pulse will create a baseline profile of our team and organizational culture, which we can build from.

I look forward to using Friday Pulse with you,