Essential steps to make sure emails from Friday reach everyone

Friday sends emails to invite people to answer questions, to allow them to login and to notify them of other important information.

To make sure that these emails arrive safely, it is essential that whitelist our emails.

You can copy the information below, or send your IT team a link to this page.

Email allowlisting

Add the following domains to the spam filter allowlist to ensure they are never rejected, quarantined or deleted.

Web allowlisting

If your organization also limits access to websites, please also make sure that all staff can access

When email allowlisting is not under your control

Occasionally you might have users with email addresses which you cannot set up allowlisting for. For instance, these could be people on Friday Pulse using personal email addresses (eg., etc) or users with an email address from a domain not under your control. In these cases to ensure our emails reach all of your users, you will need to ask each of these individuals to make sure they have allowlisted our details or marked them as a safe sender themselves.