Sending a Thank-you to someone not using Friday Pulse

Thank-yous in Friday Pulse are the most commonly shared Note and now we’ve made it even easier to show your gratitude far and wide.


We love how many Thank-you Notes are shared through Friday Pulse and we know you do too, as it’s the most common Note type that’s shared across our clients. We know that it’s not only colleagues that people want to thank, so now everyone can thank people outside of their account, as well their fellow Friday Pulse users.

Whether its customers or suppliers, stakeholders or interviewees, this is a great chance to show gratitude to anyone and everyone who has helped you and your colleagues that week. In our study of over 22,000 people, feeling appreciated was the third strongest predictor of happiness at work and other research has shown that it also enhances employee health and wellbeing. The benefits of gratitude are felt both by the person being appreciated and by the person saying thank you. So, it’s a fantastic practice to encourage across your organization.

To thank someone outside of your Friday Pulse account, just add the email address of the person or people in the 'Add recipients' field, write your thank you message and we’ll send them a Thank-you note. Email addresses are kept safe and won’t be used for anything other than the Thank you delivery.

Watch our quick video on why saying thank you is important

Your thank you to someone outside not part of your Friday Pulse account will show in the same way on your Dashboard and in the results Presentation as other Thank yous do, using the part of the email address before the @ to identify the person you have thanked.