Participating in Friday Pulse when you’re unhappy

When you feel unhappy, especially if you’ve felt this way for some time, we know it can start to feel a bit pointless sharing how you feel each week in Friday Pulse. You might find yourself choosing the lowest score out of frustration more than unhappiness.

When you're unhappy

When we talk to clients using Friday Pulse during very difficult times, we often see a mix within the team results. Some teams might have high response rates and low happiness scores, while others have low response rates but OK happiness scores. This is often actually the same sorts of feelings being expressed in different ways - non-responses can sometimes be a sign of great unhappiness and stress too.

If you’re going through a difficult time, hitting the 1, Very unhappy, or not participating at all in Friday Pulse are common responses.

Firstly, remember that it is totally valid to feel all that you feel. If you’re upset, use the lower end of the scale. That is exactly what it is for.

In our experience, it’s better to respond than not. Your trend line is your story. It's not the full depth of it, but there it allows you to see your experiences through time. This is why therapists often suggest people make a note of how they are feeling week to week, just to notice when and how things change.

Your weekly reflections will bring you insight over time. Every day and every week might feel painful. And then at some point we notice for some reason we feel a little brighter or a little more resilient. These moments are really important to capture. They are where we find the energy to go on.

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