Launching Friday

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Getting started with Friday Pulse

How to get set up for success with Friday Pulse, choose your settings and communicate with employees about using the platform.

Building your Friday Pulse user list

How to configure your user list – to work for you, and your users.

Introducing Friday Pulse to your organization

Before you get going with Friday Pulse, it's a great idea to set the scene so everyone knows what's coming up and why you've signed up to use it.

Essential steps to make sure emails from Friday reach everyone

Learn about using white-listing to make sure emails from Friday don't get blocked.

Importing your users for the first time

How to import your user lists.

Your account settings

In the Account settings, account admins can change the account name, logo, time zone, country and open and close times

Start with a great response rate

When you launch Friday, you’ll want to start with a good response rate.

Why and how we share team and organizational results with employees

Find out more about why anonymity and transparent reporting are essential for your organization's happiness and what to expect.

Personalize the Friday invitation email

Add a custom message to the onboarding email - the first email users receive from Friday.

Supported web browsers

Find out which web browsers are fully supported by Friday Pulse.

Plan your organization's first weeks on Friday Pulse

Feeling unsure about how to start using use Friday Pulse in your organization? Here’s a process to follow for the first few weeks, and beyond!

Walking the line between privacy and transparency

A key design goal of Friday Pulse is to collate and present back data in a way that encourages group interaction and action.