Tag groups in Friday Pulse

Tags allow you to see results by certain characteristics that some but not all of your users have, such as those who are car drivers, or users who manage others.

Use our Tags filter if you want to quickly assign a small number of users to particular segments. (If all or most of your users have one of the characteristics you want to segment your data by, for instance role type, then consider creating a Custom Attribute )

The Tags filter can be used when some users are part of a particular segment or have a particular characteristic. Users can have multiple, unrelated Tags (or no Tags).


You can use Tags if you want to be able to see results of, for instance, Car drivers, Happiness Champions, or Manage 5+ (people who directly manage five or more employees).

Restrictions and options:

  • Tags are flat (no hierarchy)
  • Multiple Tags can be added to your account
  • Users can have one Tag or multiple Tags (or no Tags), but remember, three or more responses are needed before a group score will be shown
  • Tag names are restricted to 40 characters
  • Group names must be unique across your account (including groups, Team, Tag and Location names)

Setting up a Tag filter

  1. Go to All groups under the People dropdown
  2. Click on Tags
  3. Click on Add new tag
  4. Name your Tag
  5. Add any users who are the Manager of the Tag
  6. Add any users who need Access to the results of the Tag
  7. Add the Tag manually to each user in the People area, or add the Tag to your users in a user list spreadsheet and import the updated user list.

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