Custom Attributes groups in Friday

Setting up your own Attributes in Friday will allow you to see scores of groups of users by the characteristics most relevant to your organization.

Add your own Attribute if most or all of your users are part of one group or another within the attribute. (If you want to quickly assign a small number of users to a particular segment then take a look at using Tags in Friday


For instance, you could create a Custom Attribute for Contract Type, where all your users are assigned as Full time, Part time, or Voluntary. Adding Contract Type to your Friday user list will enable you to segment your results by these characteristics and see how your scores differ between users in these different segments.

Other Groups might be Salary band or Job role.

Options and restrictions:

  • Multiple Custom Attributes can be added to your account
  • An attribute can contain multiple groups within it, but remember, three or more responses are needed before a group score will be shown
  • Custom Attributes must have a flat structure - groups cannot be hierarchical
  • Users can only be assigned to one group within each Custom Attribute
  • Group names are restricted to 40 characters
  • Group names must be unique across your account (including Team, Tag and Location names)

Setting up a Custom Attribute

If you’d like to set up a Custom Attribute, click on "People" and then "Other groups". Here you can choose to "Add attribute".


Once you have named your new Attribute, you can add Groups to your Attribute which users can then be assigned to. Attributes-1