Giving users access to a groups results

Use our "Access to" feature to allow users to see results for a Team they are not in, or results for another group of users in your account.

You can use the Access to feature in Friday if you have a user who is a Participant (ie, their user type is not set as Admin, Analyst or Senior leader) who needs to be able to see the results for

  1. another Team, or
  2. a group, such as a Tag or Location

(Remember, users in Friday are able to see results vertically up your team structure – their own results, their team’s results (or results for their team, department and division, if you have a hierarchical team structure) and the organization's results. However, users cannot see results for Teams they are not in, or any group in your user list, such as a Location, Tag or other Custom Attribute group)

1. Access to for another Team's results

Sometimes particular users need to be able to see the results of teams they are not in. For example, if you have a manager of two sub teams, the manager might be in one or other (or neither) of the sub teams, but still need to be able to see the results for both sub teams.

A user can be given Access to that team to allow them to see the team results. This user would not be able to see results of other teams they are not in - just their own team and results for the team/s they have been given access to.

2. Access to a group's results

Access to can also be used to allow users to see the results of Tags, Locations and other Custom Attribute groups you have added to your user list.

Without giving any users access, only Admins, Analysts and Senior leaders are able to see the aggregate scores for these groups. However, by giving a user Access to a group, they will also be able to see the scores for a particular group of users.

Assigning who has Access to team or group results

Access to can be given manually or as part of a user list import.

Adding Access to manually

  1. Navigate to the relevant Attribute group - Team, Tag, Location or group - via the People drop down
  2. Edit the group by clicking on the ellipses on the group card
  3. Choose the user to give Access to via the drop down, or search for their name
  4. Click to Update the group

Adding Access to by import

  1. Download your current user list from the People area of Friday
  2. In the column headed “Access to”, add the name of the Team, Tag, Location or Custom Attribute group for the relevant user. Note, the name must match the name of the Team, Tag, Location or Group exactly
  3. If you need to give a user Access to multiple groups, add/edit your list column headers to “Access to 1”, “Access to 2”, “Access to 3” etc.
  4. Add a single Team, Tag, Location or Custom Attribute group name in each "Access to..." column for each user

Other uses of Access to

If you have a group of users – such as Happiness Champions - who want to be able to track and discuss their results, separately to their Team results, you can use the Access to feature to do this. We recommend a Tag for this kind of small group of users. Simply create the Tag, add the Tag to all relevant users’ profiles and give all these users Access to the results.

Remember: Friday is built to protect users personal scores, so team and other grouping results will only be shown when three or more people from that team/group have responded