Seeing your results by age and tenure

Often we see that people of different age groups or who have been at an organization for different lengths of time feel differently about how happy they are at work and about the topics measured in our Culture Profile.

It can be really useful to see how your colleagues are feeling by age and tenure. Friday is built to dynamically assign users into age and tenure ranges based on their date of birth and employment start date.

Dates can either be entered manually on a user’s profile, or added as part of a user list import. It’s important to have all dates completed for your users if you have dates for some users, this ensures you won’t have confusing or misleading results data.

To add a date manually Go to your People area, find the user you want to add the date for, click on their card and then the ellipses to Edit. Dates can be entered in the format DD/MM/YYYY or by choosing from the pop up calendar.

To import dates Go to your People area and click on the ellipses to Export people to XLS to download your current user list. Add the dates in to either the Date of birth column and/or the Employment start date column (note, these columns will appear in your export even if you do not currently hold these dates for any of your users in Friday). Once updated, Import your full user list (including all active users) on your People page. Dates in your user list must be added in a recognized Excel date format, we recommend using a format where the month appears in words to avoid any confusion.

Friday will use the dates entered to dynamically assign your users into different age and tenure ranges. For age, these ranges are in years: - 16-24 - 25-34 - 35-44 - 45-54 - 55-64 - 65 or over

For tenure, the ranges are: - Less than 6 months - 6-12 months - 1-2 years - 2-5 years - 5-10 years - 10+ years

Scores by Age range and Tenure range are only visible in your results for Admins and Analysts.