Logging in to Friday Pulse

We’ve made it really easy to get into your Friday account securely so you can participate or look at your results. All you need is your email address.

Email and Slack messages from Friday Pulse contain “magic links” which allow you access to your Friday Pulse account easily and securely.

These links are unique to your account and change for each message:

  • Participation email or Slack message: Each week you’ll have the opportunity to share how happy you have been at work that week. Your unique links are contained as part of the 1 to 5 scale response you choose. By clicking on your response, you will automatically be logged in and taken into your Friday Pulse account. Once in Friday Pulse, you will be able to finish completing your weekly questions.
  • Reminder email or Slack message: if you haven’t participated yet, you’ll get a reminder. Again unique links are contained as part of the 1 to 5 scale responses, logging you in to Friday Pulse securely.
  • Results email or Slack message: When your questions close for the week, you’ll get a message encouraging you to take a look at your scores. Clicking on the unique link will log you in to your account so you can see your own personal scores, as well as those of your team and organization as a whole.
  • Log in email: You can generate your own log in email whenever you need to, simply go to https://app.fridaypulse.com/login and enter your email address. The email you receive will contain your unique link to log in.
  • Log in Slack message: if your account is using the Friday Pulse Slack integration, you can generate a unique log in link using the Slack command “/Friday login”

Do not share your emails with others!

Because each email contains unique links to your Friday Pulse account, it is essential that these emails are not shared with anyone else. This will keep your personal scores secure and private, as well as preventing anyone else from accidently responding to the Friday Pulse questions on your behalf.

Non-email users

If you do not have an email address, your organization will have arranged a secure log in link, ID number and password to be shared with you to allow you to access Friday Pulse. If you lose your Friday Pulse log in details, please contact the person in your organization who looks after your Friday Pulse account.