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Useful questions to start a conversation about your Culture Profile scores

Once a quarter your team will have new data points on the drivers of happiness at work. It's useful to discuss these results together.

Tips for sharing frustrations in Friday Pulse

Happiness at work often comes down to removing two different sorts of frustrations.

Introducing Friday Pulse to your team

Short answers to the most common questions

Tips for sharing Ideas in Friday

Find out the best way to share your Ideas to help make work more enjoyable, better or easier for you and your team.

How is my anonymity protected?

Read more about how we protect your anonymity, as well as which of your responses on Friday Pulse are not anonymous and why.

Logging in to Friday Pulse

Logging in to Friday Pulse is kept safe and secure using unique links to your personal Friday Pulse account.

Top tips for understanding your feelings

Understanding your own feelings is crucial to helping build emotional intelligence.

Tips for Managers: Discussing happiness each week

How to help your team open up about their feelings, and not go into “fixing” mode.

Top tips on creating an environment of psychological safety

Here are our top tips on how to create an environment where your team can feel free to share their ideas and thoughts about work.

The Presentation view

The Presentation view in Friday has been designed to help guide you through discussing your weekly results as a team.

Top tips to improve your experience of work, whatever your role

Everyone can take some steps to improve their own experience of work. Here are our top tips.

Traps to avoid when talking about happiness

There’s no “right” way to approach your Friday results, but there are a few traps people can fall in to when trying to discuss their scores.

Tips for expressing frustrations in conversation

It can be difficult to express a frustration. We worry it will come out wrong, or be interpreted incorrectly.

Tips for discussing frustrations as a team

The process for working through frustrations as a team.

Dealing with unexpected and persistent frustrations

How to anticipate and accept what cannot be changed.

An active listening guide

Active listening is a key component of successful conversations.

Ground rules for good conversations

Really get the most out of your Friday results discussion by agreeing some ground rules.

Top tips for successful conversations

Some points to think about or put in place to have the best happiness conversations.

The value of good conversation

People explore their emotions and experiences at work in conversation with others

Teams: Using your Friday Pulse results together

Measuring with Friday Pulse is only the first step in working together to look after happiness at work. Here we share the next steps to take as a team.

Participating in Friday Pulse when you’re unhappy

Why it’s still worthwhile sharing how you feel, when how you feel is awful.

Why it’s a good idea to suggest an idea in Friday Pulse

Have an idea about improving things at work, but don’t feel you have the permission to offer it up? Now you do!

Sending a Thank-you to someone not using Friday Pulse

Thank-yous in Friday Pulse are the most commonly shared Note and now we’ve made it even easier to show your gratitude far and wide.

Why sharing frustrations in Friday Pulse is important

Frustration can be… frustrating! But they can be a force for good when harnessed positively.

Getting you and your team ready for Friday Pulse

You want to kick off with a good response rate on Friday Pulse – it’ll give you representative results of how the team is feeling.

How to use your Impact Report

Use your Impact Report to improve happiness in your team and organization

Top tips for leading with happiness

Leading with happiness can be very powerful. Here are our tips.

How Friday Pulse will give you a voice

Employee voice is crucial to the success of organizations of today.

Why adding celebrations to Friday Pulse helps the team to perform

The science shows us that reflecting on the good stuff is important – for individuals, and for the team.

How Friday Pulse will help your team perform

Friday Pulse helps People Managers protect team morale and catch issues early.

How Friday Pulse protects your anonymity

To use Friday Pulse effectively, you will need to feel safe about answering honestly.

Why saying thank-you is important

Appreciation is one of the key drivers of happiness at work.

Using Slack commands in Friday Pulse

Slash commands allow you to interact with your Friday Pulse account from within Slack, without having to open the platform in your browser.