Your Resilience Report

Friday’s Resilience report helps Admins, Senior leaders and Analysts to monitor how teams are coping and lend extra support when needed.

Resilience is the capacity of people, teams and organizations to deal with change and continue to develop. It’s important to know whether things are improving or worsening for teams over time, particularly during and after times of stress.

By comparing how your Happiness scores change over time, Friday can help you to identify how resilient teams are.

This is your opportunity to learn:

  • Which business circumstances affect morale and what helps
  • How long it takes teams to bounce back
  • How the road to recovery is affected by successive stressors

Your Resilience report is available at all times in your Friday account, updating week to week to include your most recent results. The data is also sent to Senior leaders (copied to Admins) every four weeks as part of the Happiness Trends Report, providing leaders with regular business insights, alongside guidance about how to interpret and respond to your scores.

How resilience by team is calculated

Your Resilience report is based on your most recent eight weeks of data. It compares average happiness scores in the last four weeks with average happiness scores in the preceding four weeks and if there is a significant difference between the two averages. (Note, if you have very recently started using Friday, the report compares your most recent two weeks of data with the preceding two weeks).

My report doesn’t show any/not enough data

To calculate how happiness has changed for teams across time you need to have sufficient data across your account and across your teams.

Friday checks your data to ensure your account has enough teams responding with visible results for enough weeks before it calculates your Risers and Fallers.

  • First, at least 6 out of 8 happiness scores are needed for each team to compare the average for the most recent four weeks to the preceding four weeks.
  • Secondly, for the Happiness Trend Report, Friday needs to have compared happiness through time for 60% or more of your teams to accurately show your rising and falling teams in your report.

If you do not have enough data showing:

  • Be mindful that Friday doesn't calculate scores for teams with fewer than three people. Restructuring your teams could improve how your results display. Admins can alter the Team structure in their People area of Friday.
  • Encourage teams to answer their Friday questions, especially your low responders to ensure you have enough data for each team for resilience to be calculated.