Using Slack commands in Friday

If your organization has added the Slack integration to your Friday account, you will also be able to use the Friday slash commands.

Friday slash commands allow you to interact with various Friday features from within Slack, without having to open Friday in your browser.

Information message

You can get information about using the Friday slash command at any time by entering /friday in any Slack message box. This will return the following message from Friday (this will only be visible to you):

Slack info


Entering /friday login in Slack will return a unique login link to take you directly to your Friday Dashboard. These messages in Slack will only be visible to you.

Slack login

Share a Note

If you have the Slack integration enabled, you can also add a Note at any time (both when your question flow is open and when it is closed). You can use: • /friday celebrate to share celebrations with your team • /friday grumble to share a frustration this week • /friday thank to thank up to three colleagues (remember to use the @ to tag your colleagues)

These messages in Slack will only be visible to you, but the Note in Slack will be visible to your Team (as Notes submitted from within Friday are).

For example, entering /friday grumble I want my apple crumble in Slack will create a new Note from you in Friday (visible to your team) and return a confirmation message in Slack (visible only to you):

Slack grumble


/friday report will return your organization’s latest score and response rate. Please note, the returned report message will be visible to all Channel or Direct message members.

Slack report