How the scoring works

The response options and your results in Friday are colour-coded to help you easily see which scores are high, OK and low.

Behind the numbers

All the question responses are presented as a 0–100 index score. It's important to remember that this is a score out of 100, not a percentage of, for instance, how many users are happy.

Each question has five response options, 1 to 5. To calculate the index score, each option is allocated a score:

  • 1 is allocated a score of 0
  • 2 is allocated a score of 25
  • 3 is a score of 50
  • 4 a score of 75
  • 5 a score of 100

All scores are added together and the average is calculated to give each team, group or organization score.

A score of 0 is the worst possible score and a score of 100 is the best possible score. This is true across all levels of your results - from everyone’s overall Connect score down to your individual happiness score.

Colour for quick view

We use five colors to rate a score.

Colour Score Rating
Dark green 80-100 Excellent
Green 70–79 Good
Yellow 50–69 OK
Orange 30-49 Poor
Red 0-29 Very poor

These are based on a traffic-light system so that you can read them at a glance. Greens represent high / good scores, yellows show where you are scoring OK, while reds are warning signs for low / poor scores.