Connecting Friday to Slack

We want to make it as quick and easy as possible for users to participate in Friday each week so we've added and integration with the team communication platform Slack.

Admins can easily turn the Slack integration on from within the Friday account settings. Simply log in to Friday and navigate to 'Account Settings' (by clicking on your name at the top right) and then to 'Integrations'.

Account settings


Click on 'Connect' next to the Slack integration and a pop up window will take you through the Slack log in process (if you're not already logged in to Slack on your browser). You will need to know the url for the Slack workspace you are connecting to Friday, as well as your individual Slack log in details.

Once you have authorized the Slack integration, you can choose which channel you want to be the default channel for notifications. When your Slack workspace is connected to Friday, each employee using Friday and Slack will get their invitation to participate via Slack, in their slackbot messages channel.

The Slack Friday connection uses email addresses to identify and update participants. If some users report they are not receiving their Friday invitation in Slack each week, you may need to check the email address used in Friday is the same email address the user is using in Slack.

If you decide you no longer want to connect Slack and Friday, you just need to click on 'Disconnect' next to Slack in Account Settings > Integrations.

Find out more about using Slack commands in Friday here