What’s a good response rate?

In an ideal world, your impression of happiness at work will be informed by everyone’s experience. So shoot for 100% response rates, but be realistic about what’s achievable.

A response rate of 80% gives you a solid majority view.

A response rate above 50% is good enough for a meaningful conversation.

Excellent response rate

Your normal

It’s good to figure out your own ‘normal’ and monitor when response rates spike and dip around your average. For example, some of our clients are disappointed if the response rate is less than 100% while others strive to improve their response rate from 60%.

External reasons for low response rates

Be mindful that holiday seasons, shift work, travel and part-time work can affect response rates. In your Account Settings you can adjust when Friday sends questions to fit the rhythm of your work and you can ‘pause’ questions for the odd occasion when everyone is away.

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