Adding more detail to your user list by import

You can import your user list to make changes and add details to multiple users, such as adding a new Tag group, refreshing your team structure, or adding or retiring multiple new users.

File format

Your user data will need to be in an Excel file (.xls or .xlsx format).

Updating your user list

The best way to update your user list is to start with your current list and build from there.

Please note, your user list must include all your active users, including the Account Owner.

  1. To export your current user list:
  2. Go to “People” from the top menu
  3. Click on the ellipsis
  4. Choose “Export people to XLS”
  5. Then click “Generate your people export”

An Excel file of your current user list will be downloaded.

Adding detail

See our Detailed user list file for examples and a guide to column headers: Friday Detailed user list guide

You can use the following columns in your user list:

Column name Content
Email * Unique email address for the user
First name * User's given or known as name
Last name * User's last name
Team 3 Name of the highest level team the user is in - the parent of the user's Team 2
Team 2 Name of the second highest level team the user is in - a child of Team 3 and the parent of Team 1
Team 1 Name of the lowest level team the user is in - a child of Team 2
Manager of 1 Name of Team / Tag / Location etc the user manages
Manager of 2 Next name of Team / Tag / Location etc the user manages
Access to 1 Name of a different Team, or a Tag / Group / Location etc the user needs to access results of
Access to 2 Next name of a different Team, or a Tag / Group / Location etc the user needs to access results of
Location Name of the user's location
Gender Can be Male/Female/Non-binary
Date of birth Date of birth (formatted as a date in Excel)
Employment start date Date user started work (formatted as a date in Excel)
Tags Name of categories some users are in, different Tags to be separated with a ;
User type* Admin or Analyst (leave blank for standard participants)

(* denotes required fields)

It is important for the column name to match the above exactly.

Additional user information (Role type, Pay grade etc) can be uploaded as Custom Attributes (learn more about Custom Attributes here) and Tags (learn more about Tags here)

Users to be retired can simply be removed from the new user list before import. Users will be automatically retired if they are not contained in the user list imported.

Once you have updated your user list to include all current users and their information, import the new list to your Friday account.


Names of your Teams and Locations are limited to 40 characters and must be unique within your account (so you can’t have a “New York” Team and a “New York” Location - they must be different from each other).

“Manager of” and "Access to" included must be a name of one of your groupings in your user list - a Team, Location, Tag etc. exactly as it is listed as that Team, Location, Tag etc.

Validating and uploading your file

To import your user list

  1. Go to “People” from the top menu
  2. Click on “Import”
  3. Choose your file to import

Our Validator will check your user list spreadsheet and then provide you with validated file to download to check any warnings and correct any errors (marked in the validated file). Once you are happy with the data and it passes the validator without any errors, click to Confirm import.