Top tips on maintaining motivation

Inspire is the last of our Five Ways to Happiness at Work framework but that doesn't mean it's less important... Here are some positive actions you and your colleagues can take to help sustain your energy and motivation!

Maintaining motivation

Doing a job that we feel is genuinely worthwhile is a great source of motivation in our lives and can sustain us through challenging times. Seeing beyond narrow business goals to how we help other people makes work more meaningful.

Take a look at your team Inspire scores on your Reports Overview of your Friday account. What steps could you take together to look after your scores?

Focus on what matters

We work best when we feel our work is making a difference. Identify where you and your team add value and focus on what matters most. This will relieve pressure and increase what you achieve.

Blue sky(pe) thinking

New challenges bring new opportunities. Set aside time to hold a creative brainstorm, where no idea is considered too crazy. You might just identify some innovative new ideas and, in the process, it will be fun to run wild creatively!

Tell a story

Storytelling builds emotional connections. And, our work accomplishments can be made more memorable if we weave in the details, sharing how a piece of work affected something or someone in a positive way.

Imagine the future

While we were in emergency mode it was been hard to look beyond the here and now. However, it's both critical and inspiring for us to actively shape our futures. So, take time to reimagine your ideal way of working.

Lean into the future

We don’t have to just dream of a fairer future; we can make it happen. Consider the actions you and your team can take to help change the course of history.