Top tips on recognizing your purpose at work

Here are some positive actions you can take to recapture and sustain a sense of purpose.

Recognizing our purpose

A sense of purpose comes from feeling like our efforts at work are worthwhile and is important for feeling motivated. We feel our work is worthwhile when it contributes to improving the world outside us; whether that’s our office, our family, our organization, the place we live or the wider world.

How proud are you and colleagues feeling to work for your organzation? Take a look on your Reports Overview page.

Remember the why

With so much disruption to “how” we have been working it is easy to lose sight of “why”. As a team, take time to reflect on how you add value to your organization and how your organization adds value to the world. It’s good to remember why we do what we do.

Reflect on the positives

So much has changed, and so quickly. Even though there are many challenges, in among them there are many acts of human kindness as well as opportunities for growth. Take time, individually and as a team, to reflect on the positives.

Think useful

While there is always a need for blue sky thinking, the process becomes much more satisfying, and the ideas more grounded, when they solve real problems. In any creative process keep asking yourselves - is this useful?

Watch out for others

Caring for others is an integral part of good relationships, whether at home or work. If you notice that someone may be struggling, reach out to them. Being a good colleague costs nothing but means a lot.

Be helpful

Some of your suppliers, customers or people in your community might also be struggling at the moment. Identify what you can do to support them. By helping them, you and your team mates will feel part of the great collective effort that is going on.