An introduction to Pride

Our research has shown pride to consistently be one of the strongest predictors of happiness at work. A sense of pride often flows from knowing the organization we work for does something beneficial or particularly well.

13 Pride

Why it’s important

Organizational pride is really an assessment of the organization – how we view the organization we work for, and how we think others view it. Our research has shown organizational pride to be an exceptionally important element of happiness at work – in fact it’s the strongest predictor of happiness at work in the USA, Canada and UK, and second strongest in Germany and Australia.

Organizational pride is likely to influence happiness directly, and also indirectly through influencing other drivers of happiness. The analysis we have carried out with client data shows that organizational pride in one month predicts many other variables the following month too, including a sense of progress, learning, creativity and feeling appreciated. Organizational pride is particularly important for the bottom line. We found that those who report low pride are more likely to have a higher intention to quit. This finding corroborates a study by Sabrina Helm which shows pride predicts an employee’s turnover intentions.

Organizational pride may be such an important driver of happiness at work and retention because the way we perceive ourselves is partially affected by how we and others perceive who we work for. In essence, we partially internalise organizational identity to shape our own. So, pride can be a big energiser when it runs high and a dampener of inspiration and interest when it runs low.

The things that affect how proud we are of the organization we are a part of include the image of the organization to people outside of it, the impact the organization has on its clients or beneficiaries, the organization’s values and its management style.

What one of our experts says

“Employees who feel proud of their organization are not only happier at work but they are also brand ambassadors – telling others what a great organization you are. This is great for recruitment as well as sales. People tend to feel proud of an organization that has strong values and a clear socially-valuable purpose. This especially aided by inspiring senior leaders who can live these values and show how decisions are guided by its purpose.” Nic Marks, Friday

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