Top Tips for Navigating New Working Strategies

Here are our tips on how you can help your team navigate their new working strategies, and the resulting challenges, across the coming weeks.

1. Acknowledge

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If people are working from home for the first time it will feel different. Acknowledging it is not business as usual will help to settle concerns and provide reassurance.

2. Check in

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Downward spirals can grip us quickly. How do you ensure people don’t feel isolated? Hold daily group check-ins and team stand-ups to monitor new working strategies and manage morale.

3. Provide structure

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Structure is helpful. Encourage defined start and finish times to the working day. Many people can feel lost without boundaries. And, remember to build in time for coffee breaks.

4. Encourage communication

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People will miss the numerous daily micro-interactions with their colleagues. Encourage regular online connection between team members.

5. Speak to people

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Words on screens lack emotional tones and nuance can be lost. Be proactive. Reach out and connect socially. Hearing people’s voices and seeing their faces will also help avoid misunderstanding.

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