Top tips for looking after employee wellbeing and team morale

Continue to look after employee wellbeing and team morale, and start listening and responding to what people need across the Five Ways to Happiness at Work. Here are some things we’ve seen to be effective in organizations, including our clients.

Connect – listen deeper

How much of what we communicate is in what we don’t say? Listen to what your colleagues are saying with their omissions, body language and tone of voice - especially if you sense they might be stressed.

Be Fair – take a break

Taking time off may not feel easy right now but taking a break from work is more important than ever. We’re in a marathon; not a sprint. Put on your out of office and switch off the phone for a week. You’ll return to work refreshed.

Empower – say no

It’s all too easy to say "yes" to everything but if you want to avoid burnout, for you and your team, then saying "no" is both powerful and empowering. And, it can enable you to say "yes" to the important things.

Challenge – be clear

Setting clear expectations that are genuinely achievable is the best way to challenge yourself and your team. Meeting goals is great for achieving a sense of accomplishment, our self-esteem and the team’s performance.

Inspire – care about others

Inspiration isn’t only about the big things. It is also about the simple act of caring. Noticing others and taking the time to express an interest in them is nourishing for both them and you. Everyone goes about their days better when we care about each other.