Top tips on helping your team cope during a corporate setback

Here are our tips on how you can help your team cope in the face of a corporate setback:

Help team during corporate setback

1. Look ahead

As a team, discuss what could happen in the months ahead. Look for business opportunities and explore the risks, so you can share a collective understanding of possible scenarios.

2. Know your strengths

If your team recognize what types of activities and roles bring them energy they are in a stronger position to seize opportunities that arise from business change.

3. Encourage communication

Everyone needs support in difficult and uncertain times. Creating space for your team to express and share their concerns with colleagues who are experiencing a similar reality can strengthen relationships and reduce stress.

4. Be dependable

Now more than ever, colleagues are assessing how trustworthy you are. Listen carefully. Do what you say you are going to do, and look after yourself so you can be on your best form.

5. Promote self-care

We need short bursts of positivity and recovery to recharge and remain resilient. Walking meetings, healthy snacks, meditation, email downtime and socialising are some of the things that will help nurture and sustain the team.

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