Top tips to maintaining your core relationships at work

The positive daily actions derived from our Five Ways to Happiness at Work framework can help ensure you and your team continue to work well together in the weeks ahead.

Connect - Maintain relationships

Maintaining relationships #1

Who were you most friendly with at work before the lockdown? Even if they’re not within your immediate team, they are still a friend. Give them a call or send them a message so they know you’re thinking of them.

Be Fair - Acceptance

Maintaining relationships #2

We all cope differently through challenging times. Some of us reach out and connect, while others need more time and space to process what’s going on. Accompany each other without judgement.

Empower - Maintain your core

Maintaining relationships #3

We are all interdependent at work. Who are the colleagues that are most critical to you being able to do your best work? Support each other going forward. You’ll not only all do better work, you will also feel more aligned.

Challenge - Learn as you go

Maintaining relationships #4

Try and pause at the end of each day to reflect on what new perspectives or knowledge you have gained. Once a week, undertake the same exercise together as a team. Appreciate your collective wisdom and use it to move forward.

Inspire - Mark progress

Maintaining relationships #5

It can be hard to notice progress during uncertain times. Look back on where you are today compared to two weeks ago and, collectively, as a team identify how each of you are contributing.

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