Top Tips to help you and your team stay sane during the current crisis – part 2

Nic Mark's Five Ways to Wellbeing framework identifies positive actions you can take each day. Here are some more tips to help you look after your wellbeing during the current crisis.

Connect – Make that call

NM Wellbeing part2 1

We can’t physically be with our nearest and dearest at the moment. However, we can speak to them, Make that call. Ask them how they are. Hearing each other’s voices will warm both your hearts.

Be Active – Stretch to the sun

NM Wellbeing part2 2

When we get stressed, we hold tension in our bodies, In yoga they have a beautiful sun salutation stretch. Close your eyes, stretch your arms high above you and arch your back. You’ll immediately feel the tension leave your body.

Take Notice – Three good things

NM Wellbeing part2 3

At the end of the day, find a quiet spot and write down three positive things that happened today. Even at a time when there is so much difficult news, it feels food to reflect on the pleasures and achievements of life.

Keep Learning – Cook a new dish

NM Wellbeing part2 4

It’s a great time to get creative with your cooking skills. Perhaps try and recreate the dishes from your favourite (but now sadly closed) restaurant. You might find out you’re a better cook than you thought you were!

Give – Offer help

NM Wellbeing part2 5

Many of our more vulnerable are needing to stay at home. Offer to do their shopping, or perhaps some gardening, for them. Spring is still coming and whatever you plant now will cheer them up in the weeks ahead.