Top tips for leading with happiness

Leading with happiness can be very powerful. Here are our tips.

leading with happiness

1. Use happiness to plan

Emotions are signals for action, predicting changes in rates of retention, illness and productivity. So integrate happiness data into your performance and productivity planning.

2. Give away some power

Leaders foster high performance with relational styles that enhance the autonomy of their employees. Your trust will inspire people to feel good and do well. See More

3. Encourage face to face meetings

In an era of flexible and remote working, invest in human connection. There is little more energising than positive work relationships. See More

4. Practise mindfulness

When improving culture, stay focused on the issue at hand, not on the problems that may arise. You’ll make better decisions and reduce your own stress levels. See More

5. Look after your own happiness

Make it a habit for the senior leadership team to discuss happiness too. Through a deeper understanding of what drives your own happiness, you can better meet the needs of others.

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