Adding a new user

It’s important to keep your user list up-to-date so you’re getting the most accurate results each week.

Admins of your Friday Pulse account can add new users by logging in and heading to the People section (via the top menu) to manage your users on Friday.

Note: New users should be added when your Friday Pulse questions are closed. To participate, users will need to be added at least 30 minutes before your questions are due to open on the Thursday or Friday.

If you want to add a small number of new users, simply click or tap the “Add person” button from within the People area, fill out the details and hit “Submit”. Repeat the process until all your new users have been added.

Make sure you add all the relevant details you hold for other users such as team, Tags, Date of birth, and Employment start date.

If you’ve got quite a few users to add, importing them might be quicker. To import users, take a look at this help article on importing your user information.