Top tips for increasing the key drivers of happiness at work in your sector

We’ve found there are 15 key drivers of happiness at work. We ask how employees experience them at work as part of our quarterly Culture Profile. Here we share top tips organizations can all do to improve five of these key drivers.

Drivers of happiness & productivity

1. Pride

Invest in initiatives that live and breathe company values. They remind us why we joined an organization and reaffirm why we should stay.

2. Appreciation

Take a little time each week to practice gratitude – what has gone well? Who has gone above and beyond? Noticing the good stuff helps us to build from what’s working. See More

3. Fairness & Respect

From restricted email hours at Volkswagen to “Mail on Holiday” settings at Daimler, companies are sending clear signals that downtime is vital for health and productivity. See More

4. Worthwhile work

What are customers saying? How have their lives changed? Find new ways of linking different job roles to the difference your organization is having.

5. Accomplishment

Role clarity helps us focus – and with this focus we can see what we are achieving. It’s good practice to regularly check-in on how roles are evolving, re-focusing them on key responsibilities and goals if needed.

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