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An introduction to Strengths

When we are ‘playing to our strengths’ we are energised and motivated. The experience of being totally absorbed in a work task comes when we are using our skills with just the right amount of stretch.

Things for teams to try: Improving Strengths

Find out how you can make the best use Strengths in your team.

Things for organizations to try: Improving Strengths

Find out how to enable individuals and teams to play to their strengths.

An introduction to Free to be yourself

We all have a desire to be authentic and many of us find authenticity through our work. Freedom to be ourselves is a driver of happiness and motivation.

Things for teams to try: Improving Free to be yourself

See what action you can take to build a team where you celebrate each other as individuals!

An introduction to Influence decisions

Having a sense of control over when and how we do our jobs helps us to align with organizational goals while retaining our own sense of agency, individuality and responsibility.

Things for teams to try: Improving Influence Decisions

Improving how people influence decisions is important to their work in your team

Top tips for reclaiming your power at work

Empowering ourselves is something that's particularly important at the moment, when working patterns have changed and continue to shift - here are some positive actions you can take.

Top tips on giving each other the freedom to use your strengths

Unleash the potential in your team by following some of our positive daily actions to use your strengths at work.