Top tips on giving each other the freedom to use your strengths

Unleash the potential in your team by following some of our positive daily actions to use your strengths at work.

freedom to use your strengths

Sharing responsibility and playing to people’s strengths can unleash an amazing potential in organizations. When people are able to be themselves and use their judgement, they do great work.

Be human

We all possess a professional persona when we are in 'work mode'. However, when world events spill into our working lives, it’s important we remember our shared humanity. Our colleagues might be professionals, but they are also people - with families, friends, histories and passions.

Be supportive

Start the day with a team call or stand up. Ask each other about what they are doing in the day ahead and encourage them to ask for whatever support they need from you. When we feel supported, we thrive.

Small is beautiful

Have smaller meetings, especially virtual meetings. In groups of five or less, people are more willing to contribute ideas and hold the perspectives of others. Discussions flow more easily, stimulating the creative process.

Find your own flow

We all work better in different contexts, relationships and times of the day. Find the circumstances that help you to lose yourself to your work and goals, and inquire about how your colleagues like to work so you can support them.

Organise team tasks by strengths

Next time you are reviewing work flows and priorities consider using a little positive psychology to organize who does what. Start by identifying what tasks absorb you, which you can't wait to start and those that bring you a lot of satisfaction.