Top tips on making your work more interesting

Here our some top tips for positive actions you and your team can take to help make and keep things interesting - in a good way!

interesting times

It now seems to be generally agreed that living in interesting times is more of a curse than a blessing. But did you know that by making jobs interesting, organizations pull people into a space where they learn and achieve great things?

Our perception of our opportunities for developing new skills is a strong indicator of job satisfaction and wellbeing. It shows that we are invested in our work and are seeking to improve at it. Some researchers even go so far to say that without some opportunities for learning, thriving at work becomes impossible.

Work cross-functionally

Working remotely presents us with new opportunities to work with different people. Create cross-functional teams for specific projects to generate new insights and ideas, and improve multi-team working.

Give feedback

It’s always been important to give and receive feedback at work. Now most of us are remote and missing out on numerous touchpoints, giving and receiving consistent, helpful and clear feedback is even more important than ever.

Keep adjusting

Agility and the ability to adapt have never been more important. This is especially true for how we now interact together. Keep checking in and reflecting on what’s going well and what isn’t. Adjust appropriately and you’ll get there.


It’s rare that great ideas come from one individual. Instead, they are the work of many minds. By regularly brainstorming ideas together as team, the more innovative and creative you will become.

Stay on track

There are so many challenges about at the moment. Make sure your team mates still know what their own and the wider team’s goals are. This will help ensure that you all stay on track during these challenging times.